Chlorinated Paraffin® 52

Cereclor® is the globally recognized brand of Chlorinated Paraffin of our business partner Inovyn.
It is a versatile medium chlorine content grade, used in a large number of industries and applications ranging from its use as a secondary plasticizer, to as a flame-retardant additive in PVC.

Main uses:
•Flame retardant in rubber and polymers.
•Secondary plasticizer of low volatility in PVC, it is used in combination with a primary plasticizer.
•Secondary plasticizer in paints and coatings, thermoplastic polymer and alkyl resins, waterproofing, etc.
•Additive for extreme pressure lubricants and metal cutting fluids, avoiding metal staining.
•Tannery and textile finishing. - Sealants and adhesives, providing excellent resistance to extraction.
•Waterproofing of roofs