Therm Chek® 5526 TNPP 

Therm Chek 5526 is a high-molecular-weight, cost-effective, trinonyl-phenyl phosphite also known as TNPP. It is used as an antioxidant and as a stabilizer in the processing of PVC, PE, ABS, rubber and other polymers. It does not discolor or stain. It protects the rubber during its treatment and the polymers during its aging due to heat and weathering. In PVC products, phosphite is used as a co-stabilizer, in conjunction with Ca/Zn, Ba/Cd or Ba/Cd/Zn type stabilizers, in order to reduce yellowing and improve the light stability of the PVC.

It is recommended for applications requiring FDA approval, complying with a variety of food contact regulations.

Main uses:
•Antioxidant in polymers.
•PVC co-stabilizer.
•Food contact applications.
•Heat shrinkable film.
•Cap Liner for bottle caps.