Este año trabajamos para formar parte del programa Together for Sustainability, (TfS), el cual se basa en los principios del Pacto Mundial de las Naciones Unidas y Responsabilidad Integral. ®

Responsible Care Management System (SARI) 

At Charlotte Chemical International, we are oriented towards meeting the needs of our customers and committed to the care and protection of the environment. This is why we are part of the Integral Responsibility® program that is promoted by the ANIQ (National Association of the Chemical Industry) and is a way of managing the chemical industry's business at a global level that encourages the companies that adopt it to constantly improve their culture and performance in the areas of environmental protection, safety and health care, giving priority to the opinion of the community through the establishment of a clear and permanent dialogue.

It promotes the safe and responsible handling of products, sharing information about hazards, risks and control measures with all users of the product during its life cycle (use, handling, storage, transport and final disposal).

GHS - NOM-018-STPS-2015

Today we are a leading reference in the Mexican Chemical Industry in safety, environmental and compliance issues.
In addition to having achieved certification in the Integral Responsibility Program (SARI), we are one of the first companies in Mexico that manages to comply with the regulations of the NOM-018-STPS-2015, GHS, in the classification of the chemical products that we commercialize.
The company has adopted a collaborative approach with the client. We get involved in your needs and provide the necessary technical support and experience to add value to your final product.
Our focus on service and continuous improvement drives us to remain the best specialty chemical distributor in Mexico


We are pleased to announce that we are part of the Super Workspace Ranking 2019.
We are a Mexican company that transforms its environments and work methods, with the objective of promoting talent and offering a better quality of life to its employees. Besides being the only company in the chemical sector within the ranking of less than 100 employees.
"At Charlotte Chemical we seek to provide our employees with a cooperative work environment that promotes creativity, efficiency, comfort, entrepreneurship and professional growth. We are proud to be part of this ranking, which recognizes the company's interest in the professional and personal well-being of our employees," explained Maggie Gómez Rábago, Director of Charlotte Chemical International.


Charlotte Chemical, is a company certified by ISO 9001:2015, this way we make sure to attend the needs of our customers, offering them products of the highest quality with orientation towards the good service, by means of constant improvements of our processes, fulfilling the principles of quality management. Having the ISO 9001:2015 certification, allows us as a company to have a common language to work with our customers and suppliers around the world, to address the risks and opportunities in a systematic and structured way in order to obtain better solutions, to promote good practices as an organization and above all to carry out a continuous improvement in an effective way to increase the satisfaction of our customers.