Plasthall® DOA

Dioctyl Adipate is an adipic acid di-ester based plasticizer from our business partner HallStar. It ...
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Plasthall® LCOA

Plasthall® LCOA is a low molecular weight, long chain oligomer designed by our business partner Hal...
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Benzyl Alcohol

Benzyl Alcohol, also known as Phenylcarbinol, is a colorless liquid with a mild, pleasant odor. It i...
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Zinc Stearate

Is a metal stearate fine powdered that functions as a lubricant and stabilizer for PVC processing wh...
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Estearato de Calcio

Calcium Stearate

Calcium Stearate Acts as an external and internal lubricant, it is a thermal co-stabilizer very used...
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Paraclor® 700

It is a Chlorinated Paraffinic Hydrocarbon, it is non-toxic, stainless and resistant to mold growth....
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Petrac 215 WAX

Petrac® 215 WAX Petrac® 215 Wax is a high quality low density oxidized polyethylene lubricant deve...
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